Capresso EC Pro 118.05 versus EC100 – Which Is Best?

Capresso EC Pro 118.05 versus EC100 - Which Is Best?
Capresso EC Pro 118.05 Home Espresso Machine

If you have asked yourself the question of whether the Capresso EC Pro 118.05 or the EC 100 is better, then read on. After reviewing both machines, the EC Pro 118.05 is the all around winner, hands-down.

The Capresso EC Pro 118.05 showcases a state-of-the-art pump boiler system, as well as 2 filter selections, permitting espresso enthusiasts at any skill level to brew barista-quality espresso.

The incredibly sturdy dual spout espresso filter, created for newbies, is very convenient and simple to  use, and allows for making either one or two espresso beverages at a time. This machine has a filter with a sieve that assists in production of the optimal brewed espresso rapidly and effortlessly, by producing ideal pressure without the need for tamping or grinding.

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Is this machine in the Super-Automatic, Automatic, or Semi-Automatic class?

This machine is in the semi-automatic class of home espresso machines and uses only ground coffee.

Is this machine programmable?

This machine does not have programmable options.  It does have a dial on the front panel that is used to switch from the “espresso” setting to the “steam” setting. There are also indicator lights for “on/off” and cleaning needed.

Is this machine easy to use?

If you are new to the world of brewing up espresso at home, please make note that this is not the easiest home espresso machine to use, and is more in an advanced-beginner category. Even so, if you have decided that you have your heart set on this particular machine, you will find that it will not be that difficult to learn and it definitely IS possible to learn how to use this machine flawlessly. Learning how to brew espresso with this machine will require the user to learn to adjust to the appropriate grind size and tamp pressure.

What types of beverages does this machine make?

Capresso EC Pro 118.05 versus EC100 - Which Is Best?This machine has the capability to make espresso, latte, cappuccino, ristretto, macchiato, mocha, and Americano beverages. All of these beverages are very easy to make, once you have learned how.

How much cup “clearance” does this machine have?

This machine provides approximately 3 inches of cup height/clearance.

Does this machine use pods/capsules or ground coffee?

This machine uses only ground coffee. If you are interested in obtaining one that uses today’s popular E.S.E. (easy serve espresso) pods, consider one of the many Nespresso home espresso machines available, such as this Nespresso Citiz Bundle or the Nespresso Inissia.

A great number of people feel that pods (such as those sold for Nespresso machines) are far too expensive. However, at about 60 cents per pod (which translates to about 60 cents per beverage), it is still much more cost effective to use a machine that utilizes pods than it is to purchase a beverage from the local coffee shop.

Does this machine have a built-in coffee bean grinder?

No, it does not. If you are interested in a machine that has a coffee grinder built in to it, read this Krups Espresseria review. This one is a very highly-rated home espresso machine that is in the super-automatic class of home espresso machines.

What is the bean hopper size in this machine?

This machine does not have a bean hopper. Only machines with built-in grinders require a bean hopper, to store the beans that will later be drawn into the grinder. If this is more the type of machine you are searching for (one with a bean grinder and hopper), then consider the Krups EA8250001.

Does this particular machine have an LCD display?

There is no LCD display with this machine. There are front panel controls, as well as indicator lights for on/off and coffee/steam.

What is the frothing capability of this machine?

This machine has a frother like the commercial machines, for rich, creamy froth with every beverage.

Capresso EC Pro 118.05 home espresso machine price

What is the brew time length of this machine?

Brew time of this machine is a few minutes – more time than some of the other machines available, but far less time than it takes to wait for a standard coffee maker to brew a pot. Water heat-up time is about 1 minute, and the heat-up time for steam is approximately 45 seconds.

How many cups at a time can be made with this machine?

This machine has the capability of brewing either one or two cups of espresso at a time.

This machine’s very heavy duty double spout allows the user to place your choice of one or two cups below the espresso output area, for those mornings when you either have guests or just need two for yourself!

Does it have a cup warmer?

Yes, this particular model has a large cup warmer, although customers who have used this machine report that the cup warmer does not truly work for warming cups to the extent that they were hoping.

What colors is  this machine available in?

Stainless steel only. If you are searching for a machine that is available in something other than stainless steel, you might want to consider the Nespresso Citiz, which is available in black, red, titanium, and chrome.

What type of housing (outside casing) does this machine have?

This machine is cased in heavy-duty stainless steel, per the manufacturer. However, note that the drip tray is made only of chrome-plated plastic.

What type of water heating system does this machine have?

This machine has an aluminum boiler heating system.

Does this machine have dual boilers?

No, it has a single boiler made of aluminum.

Is this machine noisy?

There was no information available anywhere regarding whether this machine makes a lot of noise. It can only be assumed that if there have been no customer reports regarding the noise this machine makes,  then the noise level is likely not a major factor.

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What is the bar pump pressure information regarding this machine?

This machine offers 15 bars of pump pressure, the standard for machines these days.

What is the water tank size on this machine?

This Capresso home espresso machine has a 42-ounce water reservoir, which will make a fair number of beverages before needing to be refilled. If you are searching for a home espresso maker that has a larger water tank, the Breville BES870XL Barista Express home espresso machine packs a whopping 67-ounce water tank.

Is the water tank easy to access?

The water tank for this machine is removable and located on the back of the machine.

Capresso EC Pro 118.05 price

Is clean-up easy for this machine?

Because you are working with coffee grounds when you use this machine, you may end up with some coffee grounds on your counter. If you don’t want to have to fuss around with clean-up every time you brew a beverage, a machine that uses sealed E.S.E. pods may be more appropriate for your lifestyle. If this is your preference, two great choices would be the Nespresso Citiz Bundle or the Nespresso Inissia.

What is the weight of this machine?

Weight is 6 pounds.

What are the dimensions (measurements) of this machine?

This machine measures 11 x 12 x 8 inches.

Shipping and Warranty Info.

Shipping is free if you are an Amazon Prime Member. All links on this page will take you to Amazon.

This machine has a liminted 1-year warranty.

What is the wattage of this machine?

This machine uses 1,050 watts of power.

Capresso EC Pro 118.05 versus EC100 – Which is Best?

After reviewing the available information, the hands-down winner is the 118.05, without a doubt. Although the 118.05 (featured on this page) has far less customer reviews, it has not earned a single one-star or two-star rating by customers who have purchased it; rather, all reviews have come in at three stars and above. Therefore, this review from this point forth will focus solely on the 118.05.

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Customer Reviews – Pros & Cons – Capresso EC Pro 118.05 versus EC100 – Which Is Best?

Here are some of the pros and cons that are actual reports from customers who have purchased and used this espresso machine.


  • Quick boiler heat-up time.
  • Capable of producing many different espresso beverages.
  • Good, effective steaming wand.
  • Made with parts that are stainless steel, for good heat retention.
  • Great frothing ability (after some practice)


  • There is somewhat of a learning curve to using this machine, if you have not made espresso before.
  • Very lightweight and known to sometimes move slightly when putting the handle on.
  • The cup warmer reportedly does not truly warm cups as it should. Cups are much better warmed by adding hot water to them while waiting for the espresso to finish.
  • Does not utilize today’s E.S.E. pods, and does not have a built-in coffee bean grinder.


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