Nespresso Pixie C60 Espresso Makers Review

Virtually anyone can brew up a a tasty mug of espresso in less than a minute, as this machine heats up water to the ideal temperature level in just 25 seconds.

The 19-bar pump pressure technology ensures optimum extraction of flavor. After use, the machine simply expels the spent pod right into the built-in tray, included to hold up to ten used capsules inside the machine.

Also includes a drip tray that quickly and conveniently folds up if you are making a cappuccino or latte.

Another great perk (no pun intended!) is a chrome coffee capsule carousel that holds up to 40 capsules that are always within convenient reach.

If you are just expecting plain ole’ boring coffee from one of these machines, think again. This machine produces some of the most delicious home espresso beverages possible.


Is this machine in the Super-Automatic, Automatic, or Semi-Automatic class?

This machine is in the super-automatic class of home espresso machines.

Is this machine programmable?

This one includes programmable buttons to make espresso (short shots) and lungo (tall shots), quantity of coffee to be made, and a safety auto shut-off feature.

What types of beverages does this machine produce?

Nespresso Pixie C60 Espresso Makers ReviewWith this machine, you can make tasty coffee beverages including espresso and lungo, lattes, and macchiatos.

How much cup height “clearance” does this machine allow?

This machine provides clearance for cups that are approximately 3-3/4 inches tall.

Does this machine have a cup warmer?

This one does not have a cup warmer – consider the Dedica EC680 DeLonghi espresso machine, which is comparably compact in size to this Nespresso, if you want a cup warmer, as the Dedica does have a cup warmer.

Does it have an LCD Display?

There are indicator lights on this machine, however, no LCD display.

Boiler Type

This machine has, as do lots of home espresso machines nowadays, a Thermoblock patented heating system, rather than an actual boiler.

Brew Time Length

This machine is brew-ready in 25 to 30 seconds.

Noise Level

Noisiness did not seem to be a major issue among customer reviews, although one customer pointed out that they felt this Nespresso was noisy.

Frothing Capability

By itself, this machine does not have a frother. However, Nespresso does offer separate frothing pitchers to accompany machines that do not have one.

Pods/Capsules or Ground Coffee?

This home espresso maker does not allow for use of coffee grounds out of a can; instead, you will need to buy capsules made by Nespresso which, at last check, ran about $0.65 apiece (in other words, about $0.65 per beverage). Definitely not a bad way to go, when you take into consideration the price of a local coffee house espresso beverage!

Number of Cups Produced At A Time

This machine produces just one cup at a time. However, with the quick heat-up time of only 25 seconds, it would be a very quick to create two, three, four, or even more individual cups within just a few minutes.

Bar Pump Specification

Provides 19 bars of pump pressure.

Built-In Grinder?

There is no built-in grinder with this one, as this one uses only pods/capsules. All Nespresso home espresso machines use only capsules/pods.

If you are wanting a machine that utilizes coffee beans and has a built-in grinder, a great choice would be the Breville BES870XL home espresso machine, which not only has a built-in grinder, but also a whopping half-pound bean hopper for storage of a rather large supply of beans, ready to be ground when you brew up another beverage.

Water Tank Size & Access

Provides a 24-ounce water tank in the back that is removable and easy to fill. You will need to slid this machine out to remove the water tank, although its lightweight 6.6 pounds will likely not cause much of a problem as far as sliding the machine out from under a cupboard.

Bean Hopper Size

Not applicable – uses only coffee capsules. The Breville Barista Express home espresso machine, in addition to having a built-in grinder, also has a bean hopper that holds a half pound of coffee beans.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Because this machine does not require the user to learn many different controls like some of the home espresso makers you find in today’s marketplace, it is deemed very simple to learn and use. Simple push-button operation combined with the addition of a capsule will have you on your way to your favorite espresso beverage in no time.

Descaling (cleaning water mineral deposits) from the inside of this machine is a very simple process that involves simply adding some descaling solution to the water reservoir and running a cycle to send the descaling solution through the machine, followed by a couple of clean water cycles to ensure that all of the descaling solution has been eliminated.

Type of Water Heating System

The Thermoblock heating system with this machine allows for very rapid heating of brew-ready water, in about 25-30 seconds.

Dimensions and Weight

Measures in at 12.8 x 4.4 x 9.3 inches.

Weighs in at a very minimal 6.6 pounds.

Available Colors

Available in titanium, chrome, aluminum, red, and blue.

Shipping & Warranty Info.

The shipping weight of this product is 8 pounds.


This one packs 1,260 watts of power.

A one-year warranty comes with this product.

Customer Reviews – Pros and Cons – Nespresso Pixie C60 Espresso Makers Review

Below are some of the pros and cons that are actual reports from customers who have purchased and used the this home espresso machine.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy clean-up.
  • Compact design – allows for storage on virtually any countertop.
  • Quickness of brewed coffee – allows the home espresso barista to have a cup finished in less than a minute, from start to finish.
  • Incredibly small size – the Nespresso Pixie makes a great desktop coffee if you or your favorite espresso lover works in an office.


  • Small water reservoir – more frequent refills required than the larger machines.
  • Reservoir removal – it was reported that the water reservoir is more difficult to remove than some if is counterparts.
  • Fold-up tray – designed for taller cups, although the tray apparently needs to be held up while folded up, and doesn’t stay up by itself.
  • Spraying – some customers reported this machine sprays, while others reported they had not experienced that problem.
  • Leaking – like the spray (above), some customers reported a problem with the water reservoir leaking.
  • Small drip tray – one customer commented that it would be great if the drip tray were larger.
  • Pod storage limited – pod storage options were felt to be limited. One way to solve this would be with the purchase of an accessory pod storage container.

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