DeLonghi ESAM 3300 Review


If you are searching for a top-of-the-line home espresso machine, the DeLonghi ESAM 3300 is a very good one you can add to your list before making your final decision.

The frothing feature of this espresso maker combines milk with steam to provide a creamy, light, and rich froth each and every time.

Product Description

This machine features programmable menu settings and numerous very-easy-to-use push-button controls.

In addition, if you have been considering a home espresso maker that has a built-in grinder (i.e., bean-to-brew system), this DeLonghi is a great consideration as far as that feature is concerned also, because it does have a built-in conical burr grinder of professional quality, and adjustments of grind from coarse to fine.

Top Features Include:

  • Very long-lasting machine that will allow for many years of use.
  • Tons of programmable options.
  • Built-in stainless steel conical burr grinder with 13 different grind settings.
  • Adjustable cup height spigot allows for much taller cups than most other machines.
  • Double boilers that tremendously cut down the brew time length.


Is this machine in the Super-Automatic, Automatic, or Semi-Automatic class?

This machine is in the Super-Automatic class of home espresso machines.

Is this machine programmable?

Programmable features include a start time setting, a 3-hour automatic shut-off feature, rinsing and decalcification programming, water hardness programming, and the choice of brewing one or two cups at a time.

Is this machine easy to use?

This super-automatic home espresso machine is reported as being very easy to use.

What types of beverages does this machine make?

DeLonghi ESAM 3300 ReviewThis one makes lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, regular coffee, and more.

How much cup height “clearance” does this machine allow?

This machine offers an adjustable spigot height feature that provides clearance for even tall mugs, per the manufacturer, although the maximum cup height could not be determined.

Does this machine use pods/capsules or ground coffee?

This machine uses either coffee beans or ground coffee. It does not have the capability to use pods or capsules. If what you are looking for is one that uses convenient pods, the Nespresso Citiz Bundle would be a great choice. Note that all of Nespresso machines use only pods/capsules, and none use beans or grounds.

Does this machine have a built-in coffee bean grinder?

This super-automatic home espresso maker has a built-in stainless-steel conical burr grinder with 13 different grind settings, allowing for very fine or very coarse, depending on preference.

The burr grinder in this machine has been noted by customers who have purchased and used this machine to be very quiet in comparison to many other machines.

What is the bean hopper size in this machine?

The bean hopper for this espresso machine is 8.8 ounces.

Does this particular machine have an LCD display?

This machine does not have an LCD display, although it does have a very comprehensive front panel that has buttons and programming dials.

If you want a machine with an LCD display, the Philips Saeco Intelia One-Touch would be a great one to consider.

What is the frothing capability of this machine?

The built-in milk frother that comes with this machine mixes steam with milk for a luscious and rich crema with every cup made.

Also provides the added ability to make latte art, if this is something you might be interested in learning.

 What is the brew time length of this machine?

Because this machine has a dual boiler, the home barista will not spend any time waiting for the water to reheat between cappuccinos and espressos.

How many cups at a time can be made with this machine?

Brews up one or two cups at a time.

Does it have a cup warmer?

This one does feature a cup warmer, for those times when you need to make more than two at a time.

What colors is  this machine available in?

This machine is available in silver only.

What type of housing (outside casing) does this machine have?

The exterior of this machine has a stainless steel appearance to it, but is actually plastic.

Note that the conical burr grinder and dual filter are both constructed of stainless steel. These two parts are actually the most important ones, for both durability and consumption safety reasons. A simple wipe-down of the exterior after use will keep this machine looking spotless for a long time.

What type of water heating system does this machine have?

This espresso maker features a stainless-steel dual boiler system that is removable, for much easier cleaning than some of its counterparts, where harmful chemicals must be used for a thorough cleaning.

Does this machine have dual boilers?

Yes – the dual boiler system is stainless steel AND removable.

Is this machine noisy?

Almost as important to lots of coffee connoisseurs as the coffee produced by their home espresso machine, is the noise level of that same espresso machine. Therefore, it is very important to note that this home espresso machine has been noted by customers who have purchased it to be very quiet as compared to some other home espresso machines.

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What is the bar pump pressure information regarding this machine?

This coffee and espresso maker has 15 bars of pump pressure.

What is the water tank size on this machine?

This machine has a 60-ounce water tank, which is one of the largest you will find.

Is the water tank easy to access?

The water reservoir is accessible from the front of the machine. Therefore, you (or the barista in your home) will not need to slide the machine out from under a cupboard when the water tank needs to be refilled.

Is clean-up easy for this machine?

The removable dual boiler allows for very easy cleaning, with no hard-to-reach areas that are difficult to clean.

What is the weight of this machine?

The weight this unit is 23.2 pounds.

What are the dimensions (measurements) of this machine?

This machine, per the manufacturer’s specifications, is 11 inches (L) x 15.3 inches (W) x 14.4 (H).

Shipping and Warranty Info.

Free shipping is not included with this item. The shipping weight is 28 pounds.

A one-year limited warranty is included with this product.

What is the wattage of this machine?

This machine uses 1,150 watts of power.

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Customer Reviews – Pros & Cons – DeLonghi ESAM 3300 Review

Below are some of the pros and cons that are actual reports from customers who have purchased and used this home espresso machine.


  • One customer who wrote a review stated this DeLonghi had been her great friend for 12 years.
  • There was one customer who said she had already gotten a few years of use out of this DeLonghi and she hoped to get a few more, but if she did not she would definitely purchase the same machine over again.
  • Another customer advised that she felt the machine made absolutely great tasting coffee and it made her want to skip the local coffee shop and just return home to have her coffee.
  • Great coffee maker.



  • Problems with descaling (cleaning the coffee/water residue off of) this DeLonghi home espresso machine was mentioned by one customer.
  • Difficulty with the coffee beans traveling from the bean hopper to the bean grinder.
  • Water reservoir leakage, resulting in slow coffee dispensing.
  • Somewhat noisy.


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