La Spaziale S1 Dream Review

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The La Spaziale is an Italian espresso machine that is new to the market of home espresso machines, and is currently one of the most technologically advanced espresso machines in its classification. Just a couple of the great features this machine offers is the newly designed touchpad that is completely programmable, as well as front panels constructed of stainless steel, making the S1 Dream truly one of the waves of the future for coffee and espresso consumers worldwide! You can order via the button below, or read on below for more information.

Product Description

  • The programmable pre-infusion feature readies the machine for perfect brewing prior to the beginning of the brewing process, ensuring optimum outcome with each and every brewed cup of espresso.
  • Another wonderful feature is the capability this machine is a setting for changing the brew temperature, made for espresso lovers who like piping-hot coffee, as well as for those who prefer something less than piping hot.
  • The direct plumbing feature means no need for filling the water tank with water.
  • Volumetric dosing feature makes pulling the ideal shot an absolute breeze, time after time.
  • Although learning the art of milk frothing does take some practice for anyone, the advanced technology of this machine provides success with learning how to correctly and perfectly froth milk after just a very few attempts. The steam power that this machine puts forth is definitely equal to or better than that of its predecessors, and you will truly be pleasantly surprised if you have used a home espresso machine before.
  • If you are an experienced home-espresso-making connoisseur who has in the past owned some of the less expensive machines on the market, you will be very pleasantly surprised by the quality of espresso you reap from this higher-grade machine — there truly is no comparison!
  • Ease of clean-up is unmatched!
  • La Spaziale has truly done it with this machine, whether you are interested in it for personal home use, or even semi-professional brewing!


  • Front and back panels constructed of durable stainless steel
  • Reposition of the pressure gauge for better ease of use
  • Dual boiler
  • Programmable passive pre-infusion
  • Programmable offset differential
  • Swivel stainless steel steam arm
  • Steam tip with exclusive 4 smaller 0.9 mm holes
  • Adjustable and programmable hot water spigot
  • Two 53 mm portafilters – single and a double
  • Boiler manometer
  • Directly plumbed
  • Rotary pump
  • Volumetric dosing is touchpad-adjustable
  • Manual semi-automatic button allows those of you with prior espresso making knowledge to “do it like the pros do!”
  • PID controlled adjustable to one degree Fahrenheit
  • Group and steam temperature is also touchpad adjustable
  • Also features a built-in clock with a programmable timer, allowing you to have your brew waiting for you, ready and done, when you wake up.
  • Shot counter and timer
  • Memory card reader and writer included, built in port on front of machine
  • Allows for 4 programmable profiles, ensuring that everyone will have his or her preferences pre-set
  • Electronic boiler refill

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Height: 15″
  • Width: 16.5″
  • Depth: 16.5″
  • Steam Boiler 1.2 liter / 1250 watts
  • Group Boiler .45 liter / 800 watts
  • Weight: 62 lbs.
  • 110 volt


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